Meet Jess - one of our Tagged Activators

“It’s been amazing and I feel like it’s really changed me – I can’t imagine not playing Tagged now!”


Jess, a Tagged activator from the University of Creative Arts, joined the sport on a whim after being persuaded along to one of the sessions by her university housemates. A self-confessed couch potato, Jess found herself participating in her very first Tagged session, having not participated in any sport for a long time.

Before trying Tagged, Jess thought that sports were for competitive people and felt quite intimidated at the prospect of joining a university sport. Even before her first session, Jess had warned that she ‘probably wouldn’t get involved’ as she doesn’t ‘do sport’.

Now, at week 7 of playing Tagged, Jess is taking part in weekly training sessions and now feels a lot more open minded towards participating in sport.

“I like Tagged as it’s mixed gender, the people who get involved with Tagged are not intimidating. When you come to Tagged everyone is themselves, they all have different lifestyles yet we can play together and still have fun”.

Jess particularly likes the social side of being a part of a Tagged community, revealing that the teams come together after matches to socialise. The social side of Tagged is a particular draw to university students, looking for opportunities to meet new people and form new friendships.

Jess also elaborated on the physical benefits she had noticed since joining a Tagged league.

“As a smoker myself, I do usually run out of breath a lot but since playing Tagged I have felt a bit better, I feel more mobile and I can breathe a bit better after the sessions. I can also feel myself starting to tone up a bit and my stamina is going up too.

During my first session, I wanted to stop after 10 minutes because I was exhausted. Now I keep going for the whole hour and even sometimes want to play on a bit longer!”

Jess is now a volunteer activator for Tagged, and she says it is very rewarding knowing that she has helped to organise something.

“I’ve learnt a lot from becoming an activator, learning to organise people and communicate with them. I have become more confident speaking to people and in the way I present myself.”

Jess now regularly plays Tagged once a week, with the teams looking to potentially set up a second session due to its popularity and keen members. She encourages anyone thinking of giving Tagged a try to ‘always give it a go’ and not to ‘worry about feeling silly’.

“It’s been amazing and I feel like it’s really changed me. It’s taught me a lot about socialising, organising and generally looking after myself. I can’t imagine not playing Tagged now!” 


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